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Google declares trademarks no longer ‘sacred’ in Europe.

Google has recently announced that it will no longer monitor or restrict keywords for ads served to users ranging throughout Europe.  This change will come into effect on the 14th September as a result of trademark complaints.  It will result in trademarks as keywords not being sacred anymore with Google.  Therefore this will make it possible for everyone to bid on trademark terms.  Were previously the AdWords network had prevented this.   This move will bring Europe into line with the U.S., Canada, UK  and Ireland.

Google has stated that they will not refrain entirely when a complaint is made to a third party, and if it is felt that it “confuses users” as to the origin and services of the ad.  They will conduct a limited investigation.  If the investigation identifies that the ad test does confuse users, Google will remove the ad.  They insist that this only influences the keywords and not the actual ad text.

Google implemented this change in the UK in 2008, which caused tremendous outrage from many UK companies.  It was also applied to the US.  The major issue with implementing the changes in Europe is that it is made up of different countries each with their own laws.  This will no doubt be very challenging to realise.

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