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Digital Advertising Trends for 2011

2010 is coming to an end and therefore it is time to start thinking about the future.

In this article we will cover relatively new opportunities for companies to exploit advances in digital marketing which until now have only been covered well by a selected few. We will also cover some challenges and headaches for advertisers which must be managed to be successful.

- Content/Engagement Strategy

In today’s world we realise that good content is the gateway to acquiring new clients through search engine optimisation and social media as part of inbound advertising. Keeping the customer engaged with a brand using touch points like the website, social media, email marketing and apps, is also an essential role within digital advertising.

- Digital Advertising Optimisation

The analytical tools now available to digital advertisers enable analysis and optimisation of performance as provided by many companies in these fields. The integration of toolsets via APIs and XML feeds has supported the growth of a vast set of free and paid tools. A good example of this is the Google Analytics Application Gallery.

- Social Media

A term frequently used when discussing the web these days is Facebook. Every company should have a Facebook strategy and the right resources to manage it. For other companies Twitter may be the way forward. The success of using these strategies comes from understanding what you want to achieve, a clear idea of the value of information provided and resourcing it to deliver is needed. But this is underpinned by having the right content and touch strategies to integrate with other channels.

- Mobile Strategy

The growth in use of Apple App store has been unheard of until recent years, increasing by several billions of downloads in 2010. Meanwhile other handset manufacturers are achieving success with apps such as Android and now Windows Mobile; although Apple still has over two thirds of the market by download. This is defiantly a resource we will find businesses tapping more and more into in the coming year.

- Googlization

Google still drives the majority of the traffic while surfing the World Wide Web or at least it should if you get your SEO and PPC right. It’s increasingly important for generating awareness and display through the new Googled Display network which in 2010 saw remarketing added. Google is so important that you could say you need a specific “Google Strategy”. A Google strategy requires an intimate understanding of your online marketplace or ecosystem.

Inconclusion, these are just some of the main trends which we should all focus on in the coming year and should strive to achieve in order to better our relationship with our clients, and ofcourse to improve on our companies.

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