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New advertising  codes will see better protection for children, with rules including a ban on collecting data from under-12s without consent from a parent or guardian, and from under-16s about other people, with the aim of tightening up digital marketing practices. Changes to the codes include tougher rules to protect children, a crackdown on environmental [...]

Alternative Ulster (named after a song by Stiff Little Fingers) started life in March 2002 as a radio show on Belfast community station Northern Visions, as well as a website. Early the following year, a prototype ‘Issue Zero’ was launched, promising to provide the best reportage from the local world and beyond. Local band Therapy? [...]

Green Beans Media is delighted to be working with As our Network increases we are trying to work with as many niche, unique markets as possible and Sugahfix adds another string to our bow!!! is a niche media platform targeting fashion conscious females aged 21-45 who live, work, and shop in Northern Ireland. [...]

As the wind down to the Crimbo holidays kicks in with a bang the GBM team has been inundated with requests for campaigns for 2010 . . . Campaigns have already been scheduled and booked for June – this is a positive indication for online advertising! 2009 has been a ‘challenging’ year . . . [...]

Green Beans Media is delighted to represent Bodytonic Music . . . The site was set up in 2002 with the sole focus of forming a unique identity through club nights, events, record labels and an online music forum. Bodytonic Music is made up of a group of creatively minded professionals focused on providing the [...]

The Green Beans Media portfolio has expanded rapidly . . . We’re delighted to be working with some of the countries most niche independent sites. Stay tuned as over the next few weeks as we will introduce each of our sites individually and what they can offer to advertisers !!! Our network represents multiple industries [...]

Google chief sees higher ad sales ! Economic recovery is underway in both the US and Europe, according to Eric Schmidt, chief executive of Google, who judged usage of the search engine to formulate his theory. Source:

Online advertising has overtaken television advertising for the first time as online ad spend in the UK grew to £1.75 billion A study by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) shows that for the first time ever online advertising has outstripped advertising on television. The study found that in the first half of 2009, online advertising [...]

Until recently, the maximum broadband speed achievable via a regular ADSL broadband connection was 8Mb, however, BT have now announced the introduction of a 20Mbs service to all 192 exchanges throughout Northern Ireland. Your actual speed will still be determined by a number of other factors such as the distance from the exchange and the [...]

Geo targeting is the method of determining the physical location of a website visitor and delivering different content to that visitor based on his or her location. When a user logs on to the internet, they are automatically assigned an IP address. Advertisers are increasingly relying on this information to provide ‚Äėgeo-targeted‚Äô information to their [...]