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Reach The Exact Audience You Want With Relevant Targeted Ads

We can help you accurately target and engage with new customers through relevant Facebook adverts.

You don't need us to tell you how popular Facebook has become - ask your teenage daughter, or your 38 year old brother, or even your 72 year old nan - and the chances are they have all used it.

So you know how popular it is - we just need to tell you why it is so effective for advertising your business. The key to advertising on Facebook is to take advantage of the segment targeting that Facebook delivers.


For example, we have helped:

  • A Belfast Wedding Venue display their ads to the 3,264 Engaged Females aged 22-30 living within 40Km of Belfast
  • A university-area sports bar target 2,240 local male students with a special promotion.
  • An Armagh Art Gallery target 2,680 Facebook users within 10 miles of Armagh & aged 30+

The options are endless!

Green Beans Media have been delivering targeted Facebook advertising for SME's, Major international brands and Government agencies for almost 2 years. We know what works and what doesn't - and we know how to maximise return on investment from your ad spend. Whether you just want to 'test the water' or embark on a full-blown brand development campaign, if you want to talk to your customers on Facebook you should talk to us first -
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Our Top 10 Reasons for Advertising on Facebook:

  1. Over Half a Billion active users
  2. Over Half a Million users in Northern Ireland (534,680)
  3. More than half of active users log on each day
  4. Filter by Location to target your local market
  5. Filter by Gender - Sell Whiskey to the guys and Vodka to the ladies!
  6. Filter by Relationship - No point advertising wedding cake services to a married man!
  7. Filter by Age - Sell Falaraki to the 18-30s and a Caribbean Cruise to the over 40s!
  8. Much more cost effective than 'traditional' online banner advertising
  9. Testing allows you to continuously optimise advertising creative
  10. Ideal for short bursts or ongoing brand awareness campaigns


Interested in Facebook Advertising?

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